for contributions because of „ fatal misunderstanding“

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Immortalla88 (Zdeňka)

Proposal: 1 Masternode

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mnbudget vote-many cc50c4f8572c1dae2826f60e64544c21ffc2e54024e4e49b42cefa8a819ded66 yes

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mnbudget vote-many cc50c4f8572c1dae2826f60e64544c21ffc2e54024e4e49b42cefa8a819ded66 no

I have been mining CRW on the first wallet since 2013, I updated it in 2014 and 2015, at that time I was pausing for family reasons for a while, and when I returned to or .com (I don´t remember), there was nothing on these sites – like completely dead, without a single information, I really thought that CRW stopped existing, because I did not find anything about it anywhere, even though I searched the internet. I note that I am not a programmer, just a user, but I can install my CRW wallet properly. The wallet was running smoothly, so I did not find the only reason to have any suspicion that something was going on. Unlike the btc wallet, there was no sign for upgrade, so I thought everything was okay. After 3 and a half years of mining – this July the wallet stopped working. Again there was no information nowhere. In August, sites came up and information and upgrades of wallets appeared on them. Unfortunately, I could not upgrade. At that time I found the site and probably some of you remember me because you tried to help me with my upgrade – thanks to Infernoman, Hypermist, Fin and others. Eventually, Maleda, Defunctec and Chaositec took care of me, and unfortunately the verdict was that my CRWs are not CRWs. After about 3.5 years of mining, I have nothing and I would like to ask for support so that I can stay in the community. I hope not to be dare too much to say I would like some kind of node a lot. I hope you will understand my current unenviable situation and you will be willing to help me. I hope that it will not be as heavy a burden for you as it is for me now.